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Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha is looking to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame. The estranged and angry older sister headed to England in an attempt to meet with the younger sister she has been slamming in the press for months.

There is a reason Samantha Markle wasn’t invited to the Royal Wedding. Leading up to the big day, she sought out any reporter who would speak with her and shamelessly used the opportunity to lash out at Meghan and Harry. Now that she has been completely shut out, she is attempting to apologize to the Royal Family.

“I wish things could be different,” the bitter older sister whined to the press after trashing Meghan for the better part of a year.

Samantha took her pity part to Jeremy Vine’s program on Channel 5, but she didn’t get the reception that she likely expected. Rather than being greeted with open arms, he put her in her place and reminded her that she only has herself to blame for being alienated from the Royal Family.

In the video below, Samantha apologizes and explains that she went to England in hopes that Meghan would see her. But, rather than finding a way to send the Duchess a private message, Samantha once again sought out the spotlight by going on television.

“All we’ve seen is the hate you’ve spewed against your sister,” a caller to the show named Chris told Samantha. “If you actually love your sister I think this should have been done in private, not on social media, or going on television saying you’re sorry… what you’re doing is not right.”

The bitter Markle sister tried to claim that she was portrayed incorrectly in the press, but since they used her own words, it’s hard to buy that excuse. Her pleas for forgiveness fell flat on the crowd.

Caller Lindsay from Leeds had probably the most brutal words for Markle. She said Samantha should have been “stopped at border control,” and that “she’s got no relevance to be here.”

Samatha’s crocodile tears didn’t fool anyone. It’s hard to forget that she called Meghan the “duch-ass.” This is how she treats her own sister and she thinks it can be easily brushed away with a basic apology and claiming she was mischaracterized.

When asked if Meghan had shut her out, Samantha said, “I think that perhaps she was hurt – I felt like she should know better than to believe tabloids.”

She went on to say “I think that snowballed unfortunately to a lot of hurt feelings on everyone’s part, and I’m hoping that we can have a happy ending.”

It’s clear that Samantha realizes her big mouth will likely keep her from Buckingham Palace. The Markles are an unpredictable bunch and a tremendous liability to the Royal Family. I can’t imagine the Queen accepting such a phony apology after Samantha dragged them all through the mud for some time in the spotlight.

Source: Daily Mail

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