RAW Wrestler Working As A Producer While Hurt, Crown Jewel Tickets

– Curt Hawkins is currently dealing with a hernia that he believes came during a live event. He should be cleared to compete in the very near future and return to be the head jobber of WWE. While some might look  at such a role in a negative way, Hawkins has excelled as he has lost over 200 consecutive matches.

Right before the surgery, Vince McMahon called Hawkins and offered the spot to try and be a producer while he heals.

“It’s flattering that I was chosen,” said Hawkins on the Sam Roberts Podcast. “Incredible, one of a kind learning experience. I don’t think it is something I wanna do at 33 years old. I feel like I’m in the absolute prime of my wrestling career… So, every meeting I’ll be assigned to somebody. I think more people will do what I’m doing when they get hurt any opportunity presented self for sure because eventually our generation is going to have to do that kind of stuff.”

After a delay, tickets went on sale today for Crown Jewel and the controversial event sold hour out in less than three hours according to the General Sport Authority.

For several weeks it looked questionable if WWE would host the show due to the murder of a Washington Post journalist. Despite pressure from the United States and their own employees, WWE decided to keep the event in place; partially because of the $50 million they stand to earn for a single show. We do know top stars John Cena and Daniel Bryan said they not work the event.

Compared to the Greatest Royal Rumble, which could fit 60,000 fans, the current venue holds only around 25,000 seats. Crown Jewel is November 2 and comes from the King Saud University Stadium.

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