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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines on Monday when it was announced by Kensington Palace that they are expecting their first child just five months after their wedding. While people all over the world were excited to hear this news, new reports have indicated that one member of the royal family was not pleased at all when she heard about Meghan’s pregnancy.

Radar Online reported that though the rest of the world learned of the pregnancy on Monday, Harry and Meghan actually told their family during Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank on Friday. Sources say that Eugenie was livid when they used her wedding to tell their family, as she felt like they were upstaging her at her own nuptials.

One source said that the announcement “tipped Eugenie over the edge.”

“Eugenie disappeared for a while after Harry and Meghan told the royal family the news,” the insider explained. “She felt furious at having been upstaged again by Harry and Meghan.”

These feelings were compounded by the fact that Eugenie was getting married at Windsor Castle, the very same venue where Meghan married Harry just five months ago, so she already felt left in their shadow a bit.

“One, their wedding at the chapel was watched by millions on TV and in person, compared to the hatred that was slung at a Eugenie for spending so much on her day,” the source continued. “Secondly, she then was beaten at her reception by Meghan when she announced she was expecting. Any bride would have had their nose put out of joint by something like that.”

I can see this situation from both sides. Brides always want to be the center of attention on their wedding day, so perhaps Meghan should have found another time to make the announcement. That being said, the royal family is not gathered altogether like this very often, so it does seem like the perfect opportunity to make the announcement. Hopefully, the royals can put this drama behind them and just be happy for Meghan and Harry!

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