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Melania Trump visited a slave holding facility in Ghana during her Africa trip. The First Lady said on Wednesday at Cape Coast Castle that it was a “very emotional experience” she will “never forget.”

Despite the fact that she was highlighting the tragedy brought by the slave trade, she still found herself under attack.

Dressed in khakis, FLOTUS spent 10 minutes inside the dungeon where male slaves were held. She also walked to the “Door of no return” where slaves stepped away from Africa never to return after being forced to board ships bound for the New World and generations of slavery.

She laid a wreath to honor the victims of those who were enslaved here. Then she had a moment of silence before signing the guest book. It was a very respectful and solemn visit that serves as a reminder of the evils of mankind.

Melania did not wear a flashy outfit. Even though she was dressed rather simply in khakis, she was attacked for looking “privileged” while at a former slave trading outpost.

This is proof that the Trump family cannot do anything right in the eyes of the left. Twitter user Romi Bar Lev criticized Melania for “photographing like a supermodel” and in doing so, body shames her. She should not be put down for being beautiful.

In addition, Melania dressed appropriately for someone visiting a dungeon but doesn’t look like a sloppy tourist. She looks presentable which is how you should look while honoring the victims of a tragedy. Liberals are holding the First Lady’s looks against her. It doesn’t matter if Melania wears jeans and a t-shirt, she will always be “a privileged white woman” to these folks.

Barack Obama visited these facilities in 2009. Michelle and their daughters accompanied him and they were dressed in a similar fashion. Yet, they didn’t face scorn for their clothes.

There is a clear double standard here. It was fine for Barack and Michelle Obama to dress this way, but it’s not for Melania Trump. It’s the same solemn location but because of Melania’s skin color and beauty, she is slammed.

Source: AOL

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