jesus painting survives church fire

Talk about miracles. The First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Massachusetts burned down Tuesday night, due to what appeared to be lightning striking the steeple. Everything in the church was basically incinerated – except for one part. A painting of Jesus.

“Crews began dismantling the remnants of the historic landmark in the rain Wednesday morning,” reported Boston25 News. “The 150-year-old building will now be torn down completely.”

The story continued, “Just one painting hanging in the front entrance of the church was left behind, nearly untouched.”

Boston25 News noted:

It has just a few little drips on it, but otherwise, the painting depicting Jesus Christ survived the inferno Tuesday night and now resides inside a parishioners’ house.

Coincidence – or not?

“It’s a beautiful sign of hope and a reminder that Jesus is with us,” member of the First Baptist Church Maria Kakolowski told Boston 25. “I am personally just taking it as a sign and a reminder that the Jesus, the Christ that we serve is still alive and even though our church building is gone, our church is here. The God that we serve is still here.”

Divine intervention?

“I was down about a mile away and I just saw this fireball in the sky. It just went up like a tinderbox. It’s a building built in 1870 and it’s balloon-style so once the fire starts you know the whole building just went up quickly,’ said the church’s pastor, the Rev. Doctor Norm Bendroth,” reported WSB-TV 2.

The seven-alarm fire completely destroyed the nearly century and a half old church, which was built in 1872. Witnesses say they saw lightning strike the church and everyone agrees that the severe weather in the area was responsible for the blaze.

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No one was hurt thankfully, but as firemen rummaged through the rubble, the painting was removed virtually untouched. There was no fire damage. No smoke damage. No water damage.

No damage at all.

As noted, the painting will be given to a former pastor at the church.

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