Huge Wrestlemania Plans For Shawn Michaels, Why Evolution Changed

– Monday Night RAW fans rejoiced last night, as we all watched the reunion of DX, which marks Shawn Michaels official comeback to in-ring action since his retirement. He and HHH are set to take on The Undertaker and Kane during WWE’s Saudi Arabi event, Crown Jewel, taking place this November 2ndAs per a report some weeks ago, it seems that the WWE is planning on bringing HBK back for additional matches in the near future, once Crown Jewel is said and done.

It seems now, WWE is also looking at the potential of having Michaels participate on the Grandest Stage of Them All, Wrestlemania 35. According to a tweet from Wrestle Votes, if all goes well at the Saudi Event, HBK could be lined up for a WM match; however, his opponent is yet to be decided upon.

Who could it be? Shawn Michaels in action again means there are a plethora of superstars that he could create a dream-match program with. From AJ Styles, to Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins; the list is literally endless. We will all just have to wait and see how things unfold with The Undertaker and Kane in early November.

– As per last night’s RAW, there has been a change to the Alexa Bliss versus Trish Stratus match at the Evolution pay-per-view, with it now being a tag team bout. WWE fans who tuned in to WWE’s first-ever all-women’s event will now see Team Bestie (a.k.a. WWE Hall of Famers Stratus and Lita) battle it out against Bliss and partner Mickie James.

While many fans may see this was changed was due to Bliss’ recent arm injury, the truth is that this was always the plan for the program. As per Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, WWE simply announced the Bliss/Stratus match to boost ticket sales when Evolution was first announced, as they wanted to wait to create an angle around the Nikki Bella/Ronda Rousey championship match. As the Bella Twins turned on Rousey last night, thus forging a Rousey/Bella program, WWE thought it was timely to finally change the Stratus/Bliss bout to tag team action, publicly.

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