Elite To WWE? WWE Files New Trademark

-In a bit of an intriguing development, there seems to be more chatter of a Cody Rhodes reunion with WWE. Rhodes has enjoyed significant success since he departed WWE. If such a reunion were to happen, however, it appears as though he may not be coming alone.

First, some tweets from Tama Tonga seemed to indicate that Cody’s faction, The Elite, would be splitting from Bullet Club and heading to WWE:

On top of these damning tweets, Cody Rhodes recently appeared on the YouTube channel Grims Toy Showindicating that there would not be an All In #2, despite the first show’s incredible success. This decision, if fully accurate, is only likely to further fuel speculation that Cody and his hot faction will be invading WWE television before too long.

– Ahead of WWE’s recently completed Super Show-Down, John Cena had been talking about having expanded his set of moves. He added a Sixth Move of Doom which he dubbed the lightning fist. Now, WWE has moved to file trademark protection over this new addition to the part-time Superstar’s arsenal.

The move may have a goofy name and be a new addition to the fabled moves of doom, but the trademark filing is no laughing matter. With John Cena talking up the move, WWE officials no doubt expected someone else could jump on the name and profit from it in some way or another. As such, WWE does what WWE does and filed paperwork to protect their property.

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