Dear WWE Creative, It’s Drew McIntyre’s Turn To Shine

Dear WWE Creative,

You’ve been teasing a turn during this stable-versus-stable angle from both The Shield and the trio of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre on Monday Night RAW for weeks now. The WWE Universe have simply been waiting for a final shoe to drop; whether that shoe came from Dean Ambrose, Dolphie, or Drew.

Well, that proverbial shoe fell to the ground with an explosive bang this past Monday, when McIntrye couldn’t take Braun Strowman’s monster attitude anymore during the Red brand’s six-man tag main event, cuffing the giant with his Claymore Kick and knocking him out at the close of RAW.

And the WWE Universe reacted.

The Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer recently chatted about Drew and the plans you and other WWE officials may have for him. Meltzer noted that while Drew lost his WWE World Cup opportunity during RAW, he lost in a way where his character was “protected”; via a count out and not cleanly. Not to mention his Claymore Kick took the wind out of Braun Strowman, not exactly the easiest of feats for any superstar. With these subtle hints in mind, it’s clear that the WWE has big plans for Drew on the horizon.

Which is no surprise. McIntyre is the total package: stellar in-ring technique, incredible physique, amazing mic skills, and have a great look to him. He screams WWE’s top guy whenever he walks into the room. When you look at Drew’s past with the company, and the flop that the so-called “Chosen One” experienced the first time around with the company, only to head out to Indie pastures and return three years later; Drew has more than earned the spot he has right now in the WWE, and only for it to continue to grow into something that professional wrestling legacies are made out of.

The WWE landscape is busy, jampacked with talent, and a wide array of superstars that help to create three stellar brand main rosters in 205 LIVE, Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE. Every wrestler, female and male, serve a unique purpose in the storytelling within each group, and offer a potential connection within the differing demographics that WWE Universe encompasses.

There are superstars that connect with kids only, the female demographic, the younger adult male audience, and so on, and so on. However, there are also top guys and gals. The ones on every pay-per-view promo poster; splashed faces on the trailer trucks you see at live events; the ones that plague the merchandising stands; the ones with a sea of posters in the audience.

Drew McIntrye could very well land within this platform; Drew McIntyre deserves to be in this group.

Still, at the end of the day, it all depends on how you book him, what kind of story is on the horizon for him, and what he does with. Having said that, this past Monday Night RAW was an excellent start and step in the right direction for him. It is undeniably Drew McIntyre’s turn to shine.




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