Cody Rhodes NOT Returning? + Daniel Bryan Crown Jewel Update

-Since leaving WWE, Cody Rhodes often comes up on lists of Superstars WWE should try to bring back. His inclusion on those lists only became greater as his post-WWE star profile got bigger and bigger. Though his current contract with Ring of Honor is said to be ending soon, and he’s said he plans to leave, the leader of Elite doesn’t seem to want to work for Stamford again any time soon.

According to reports from several sites, Cody Rhodes took part in Chris Jericho‘s wrestling cruise. On this cruise, Rhodes apparently made a rather definitive statement about his wrestling future as it pertains to WWE. He denied rumors that Elite would join the company in the coming months, and flat out said he was not returning to the company.

In addition, Rhodes did go on to state that he was still committed to pulling off a second All In event, despite recent reports to the contrary. While Cody has now apparently gone on the public record with no intention of signing with WWE, fans are still likely to be skeptical. In pro wrestling, we see swerves all too often, and it’s entirely possible he is issuing denials to make a return that much more shocking. However, Rhodes has also proven to be a viable star without needing WWE-he’s done well for himself since leaving, so he knows he doesn’t have to return either.

-While we’ve heard reports about several big name Superstars refusing to work Crown Jewel, things are still murky. Reports did surface that WWE has a possible replacement lined up for John Cena, but there has not been as much chatter about any replacement for Daniel Bryan.

With the show right around the corner, and Bryan slated to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE title, the word from Dave Meltzer is  that we might see something set up on this week’s SmackDown. There is also the chance that WWE drags this out and doesn’t make an announcement until much closer to the show. As always, keep checking for updates on Crown Jewel.

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