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Chubbs the Alligator

Last November, Tell Me Now reported, “The country was mesmerized by a video of an enormous alligator who seemed to be a cousin of Godzilla. The beast was casually walking across a Florida golf course much to the surprise of golfers.”

His name is Chubbs.

He was first spotted – or at least recorded on video – in 2016.

Golf Course General Manager Ken Powell posted his own video of the gator last year. Believing him to be about 16 feet long, Powell said “He’s big, he’s not a nuisance, he doesn’t hurt anybody.”

“He’s got a giant reservoir to go to,” said Powell. Chubbs apparently emerges from the reservoir every year around this time to mate.

And he’s back!

Return of Chubbs

It looks like Chubbs made his triumphant return to the golf course last week:

He’s become a local celebrity in Palmetto, Florida, but he’s so large some still can’t believe he’s real.

Is Chubbs Real?

“If you watch him in action, you can see why: Chubbs has a massive presence as he “high walks” across the fairways and golf cart pathways, slowly making his way from a reservoir to other lakes across the 18-hole course,” reported the New York Times on Friday.

“Online, people suggested he looked as if he were straight out of ‘Jurassic Park,’ or created through special effects, or maybe Photoshopped.”

Nope. Chubbs is 100 percent real.

“His very existence was questioned so much that websites like Snopes and PolitiFact fact-checked it. (Both rated the claim as true.),” NYT notes.

“The locals know him,” course manager Powell told the NYT.

How could you not? Kind of hard to miss.

Here was his popular appearance last year:

“In 2016, a man golfing at the course captured video of Chubbs, and someone can be heard saying, ‘I think that’s two guys in an alligator suit,according to NYT.

TMN can confirm that despite his monstrous, dinosaur-like size, our friend Chubbs is just one HUGE alligator.

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