Charlotte Reveals Her Favorite NXT Wrestler

Charlotte Flair was asked what NXT star has a brilliant future ahead of her in the WWE and she declared her pick - Bianca Belair.

While wrestling fans have a good idea about their favorite NXT wrestlers, we often forget that the wrestlers on the main roster have their favorites, too. Many WWE superstars have declared their support for a member of that roster, and now it is Charlotte’s turn.

When Charlotte was asked about the NXT star who has a brilliant future ahead of her in the WWE, she answered:

“Bianca Belair! She is the future. She’s a real Stud”

Who Is Bianca Belair?

Not familiar with Bianca Belair? No worries, because the team at Ringside Intel is more than happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Bianca Belair is one of the standouts in the NXT roster. She made a name for herself with quite the unique move, the Hair Whip, which involves her using her long braid to hit her opponent.

Belair is a heel at the moment, but this has not stopped her from acquiring a huge following on the NXT roster. Her athleticism has impressed the NXT Universe and many believe she is going to rule the women’s division once she gets promoted to the main roster.

She Is a Stud, But…

I agree with Charlotte that Bianca Belair is a major talent. However, there are certain things that do worry me, much like other NXT stars who have come from the developmental brand to the main roster.

No matter how interesting or how good you are, you can easily be forgotten on the main roster. Just look at major talents like Shinsuke Nakamura, The Revival, Asuka, and Tye Dillinger, who were massive on NXT, but misused on the main roster. Shinsuke may be the current United States champion, but his title was not even defended on the last pay-per-view. Andrade Cien Almas and the Authors of Pain are heading in the same direction. That, my dear readers, is the main roster curse.

The Curse

The curse of the main roster has little to do with the abilities of the wrestlers in my opinion. It often comes down to how the WWE is booking them. Most of them get squash matches, which are of little interest to the Universe. Instead of involving them in actual storylines and title shots, they come out for a quick five minute match, leading the crowd to forget them quite quickly.

When the Authors of Pain came to the main roster, I was so excited about the possibility of them wreaking havoc on the tag team division. But soon, the changes started happening. First, they got rid of the imposing manager that made them interesting, Paul Ellering. Then, they received squash matches without any manager, only to get Rockstar Spud (now Drake Maverick) as their second manager. Yes, it is improving, but serious mistakes were made here.

Don’t even get me started on the Asuka undefeated streak and how she has been treated since that streak was broken. There is a clear disconnect with the WWE and NXT. It even starts to reflect how we watch wrestling in our household. For NXT, me and my other half will sit on the sofa and actually watch with excitement. While main roster stuff, we half-watch while playing a game. It’s a stark contrast.

My hope for Bianca Belair is that she can stay on NXT, at least until the main roster situation resolves itself. Let her grow into a dominant champion and only promote her to main roster when the WWE can use her to her maximum potential.

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