Big Heel Turn On RAW, Shawn Michaels Back In Action

-During a segment on RAW this evening, we finally saw a long anticipated heel turn. RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey teamed with Nikki and Brie Bella against Riott Squad. Ronda Rousey scored the pin and win for her team. As the victorious trio celebrated in the middle of the ring, Brie and Nikki beat down the women’s champion.

Rousey  did put up a fight, but after several attempts to fight off the Bella twins, the numbers were too much and the champ was put down. The segment closed with Ronda Rousey face down in the ring and Nikki and Brie Bella standing over her, soaking in the boos.

Without a doubt, this move-which has been rumored and expected for a while-sets up a match between the Bellas and Rousey at Evolution later this month. Given that Natalya has long been a supporter of Rousey, it would stand to reason that Neidhart team with Rousey against Nikki and Brie when Evolution rolls into Long Island.

-To start RAW, it was revealed to the WWE Universe what many had suspected for a month or more. Following the events that happened over the weekend at Super Show-Down from Melbourne, Australia, it was announced that D-Generation X is reuniting for the Crown Jewel event. The big show from Saudi Arabia now has a confirmed mega-match, as D-X will go after The Brothers of Destruction in November.

While the match had not been announced until now, it had been expected ever since Shawn Michaels had returned on RAW in September and was subsequently confronted by a surprise return of The Undertaker. By coaxing The Heartbreak Kid out of retirement, WWE has secured a major main event match for the card which will surely help sell out the show. It will also undoubtedly get people to tune into the overseas special.

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