XFL Addresses National Anthem Kneeling, Superstar Ready To Return

– A hot topic throughout the United States involves NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. The country seems split on if the action is disrespectful or sending a message. With the XFL returning, it is something they will need to address. XFL Commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck gave his thoughts on The HawkCast podcast.

“Vince [McMahon] feels strongly about that, so that will be one of those things that will differentiate us from the NFL,” said Luck. “Remember, unlike the NFL we will not have a union when we start. There won’t be collective bargaining [….] we could say to a player, ‘Hey there is a clause in the contract that says I hereby agree to stand for the National Anthem.’ Period; end of story. That won’t have to be collectively bargained. My position would be as long as a player knows before hand that that’s part of the contract then that’s a workplace rule and we can enforce that.”

With the XFL set to return in 2020, it seems that the final decision will come down to Vince McMahon. There has already been over $500 million invested in the relaunch, with much more still needed. 

– Maria Kanellis has been cleared to return inside the ring after breaking her wrist last month. She made the announcement on her podcast, called Mike and Maria in Wonderland, which she shares with her husband. 

Last summer, Maria returned to WWE and brought her husband, Mike Kanellis, along. They were working a gimmick about teaching the power of love. 

Before they got into a major storyline, Maria was removed from the road after announcing her pregnancy. Then after giving birth in April, she broke her wrist soon after training for a return. She has expressed interest in competing at October 28’s Evolution pay per view.

Currently, Maria is listed for the SmackDown brand with Mike on RAW. With Mike having no storyline, WWE could quietly move him to either brand if they do not want to split the couple up.

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