Wrestling Twitter 25: Creatives

Wrestling Twitter” as it is called is a diverse array of wrestlers, fans, promotions, parody accounts, and pundits. From Roman Reigns ‘stans’ to fans of classic territory wrestling, everyone is represented.

We decided to compile the 25best accounts to follow. This represents, in our view, a wide range of interests, opinions, and offerings. We have everyone here from hardcore fans to gif masters. We divided the 25 into five groups based primarily on what they offer primarily on their account. Feel like we’re missing someone? Let us know.

Next up, let’s look at the Creatives: Photoshoppers, gif-makers, designers, writers.

Italo Santana (@BulletClubItal): If it is wrestling happening, he is gifing it live.

We’ve already interviewed him, but this guy is THE Follow if you need gifs of wrestling. He gifs every main spot of every match, plus does a historical retrospective in the morning with dozens more “This Day In History”

Mr. Lariat0(MR.Lariato) Old, Obscure, and everything in-between.

Everything from old school territories

To super-obscure indie Japanese

To World of Sport

James Van Der Beek(not that one) (@JaimsVanderBeek): photoshopper extrodinare: Pun-based Wrestling Photoshops

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