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Woods And Other WWE Superstars Open Up About Depression, Suicide Attempts

Suicide is, unfortunately, something that has touched the lives of many in one way or another, and with World Suicide Prevention Day on Monday, many wrestlers spoke up on social media to share their stories and offer words of encouragement and hope.

Wrestlers Nikki Cross and Gregory Irony, as well as NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo, who has been an outspoken advocate [1] for ending the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health, all posted messages of support on Twitter.


Additionally, Aleister Black and Xavier Woods both shared that they have previously struggled with thoughts of suicide, and encouraged their followers to talk and seek help if they ever find themselves in a vulnerable place.


Notably, one person who did not comment on Monday, but who has in the past been very open and candid about his brush with suicide, is none other than NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa.

Several years ago, Ciampa revealed on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast that, after being released by WWE in 2007, he suffered from clinical depression and attempted suicide. Thankfully, he was saved by chance when an off-duty security officer happened to see him and called the police. Listen to his story below (relevant remarks begin around the 12-minute mark).

It’s essential and incredibly powerful that well-known figures like Ciampa, Black, Woods, Ranallo, and others speak up about mental health and suicide. Depression doesn’t discriminate, and we’ve all struggled from time to time with thoughts of unhappiness and inadequacy. Furthermore, when those thoughts and feelings strike, they often cause us to feel completely and utterly alone in the world. It’s heartening to know that everyone – even super successful pro wrestlers who seem to want for nothing – have gone through those thoughts and come out the other side not only alive but for the better.

You’re not alone, and you’ll get through is.