Why Brock Lesnar Interfered In The Main Event

We all thought (and some of us hoped) that after losing the Universial Title at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar was gone for good. That turned out...

We all thought (and some of us hoped) that after losing the Universial Title at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar wouldn’t return. That turned out to be not the case. The Beast returned at Hell In A Cell to wreak havoc on an already chaotic main event. After The Shield and the Dogs Of War (Ziggler and McIntyre) brawled in and above the cell, the familiar growl Lesnar’s music hit and everyone panicked. Lesnar with Paul Heyman attacked that cage, kicking the door off and destroying Reigns and Strowman. Heyman’s pepper spray incapacitated ref Foley. And that was it. A ref ran into the cell and declared the match over. The one match-type notorious for never having anything stop it ever had been stopped.


The reaction online and in the arena was mixed to negative. A lot of fans didn’t understand the point of No-Contesting the most violent match in WWE. Especially since the man officiating fell from the top of the cell twice and still continued the match. Personally, I understood the finish. I didn’t like it, but I get that WWE needs to protect both Reigns and Strowman. Lesnar’s addition surprised me. Most fans and insiders were certain Lesnar was heading back to UFC. Perhaps he still is. I don’t think he is going to get the title back. But it makes sense that Brock would wreck the title match after being denied his ‘contractually obligated’ rematch. He’s an angry guy and he always gets his way.

Why Brock Lesnar Interefered

But beyond storyline, the real reason Lesnar interfered was most likely to build towards a match between he Reigns, and Strowman at the “Super Show-Down” in Australia in three weeks. Currently, The Shield is in a tag match with Strowman/McIntyre/Ziggler. But I believe this will change tonight on Raw.

Lesnar will face off against Strowman and Reigns at “WWE Crown Jewel” Which will be WWE’s second major event in Saudi Arabia. It will take place on November 2nd.

It did already seem off that the Universial title wouldn’t be defended at the gigantic show. Perhaps this was WWE’s way of making a match-up. Or maybe it is just the type of “what is going on!?” chaos that makes WWE such a great talkin’ sport.

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