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Rey Mysterio Signs WWE Contract

After over a year of speculation, it seems like the greatest cruiserweight of all time, Rey Mysterio is returning to WWE [1]. The high-flying and ground-breaking luchador is heading back to WWE. And now we have confirmation. PWInsider [2] is reporting that Mysterio has signed a two year deal with WWE:

“Mysterio has signed a two year contract with the company.  He had been trying to negotiate an 18-month contract, but WWE wanted a two year deal, finally getting it”

But Mysterio may not remain with the company for two years.

“…Mysterio did work a clause into the deal that would allow him to give notice at the 18 month mark.”

Now it is a manner of WWE trying to find a place for Mysterio. We’ve discussed ideas for before here [1]. It wouldn’t shock me if they put him on 205 Live to juice the ratings. It would be a lighter work-load for Mysterio plus it would be a chance for him work new match-ups. I think him working with Almas could be good as well, and hopefully lead to a Lucha de Apuestas [3] match. Other possible feuds include AJ Styles, Rusev, Roman Reigns, and Kurt Angle.

What do you want Mysterio to do in his new WWE run?