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In the HBO Documentary “Queen Of The World,” Meghan Markle explains some very personal choices that were included in her wedding veil that have further endeared her to the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Sussex is reunited with her dress for the first time since her wedding in the show that takes a closer look at the Windsor family. She smiles as she tells viewers about how her “something blue” was actually a piece of the dress she wore on her first date with Harry. Even though people throughout the world watched the historic wedding, this very sweet gesture was not publicly known until the clips from the documentary began airing.

Meghan continued pulling at heartstrings by explaining how she included the current 53 countries of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom in her long veil as well. Flowers from each country are embroidered on the fabric.

This helped put the Commonwealth at the focal point of her wedding. It was a celebration for the entire kingdom and it was also another way to include Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan’s veil choice made a direct connection to the Queen’s most important day back in 1953 as Her Majesty also had flowers from each country of the Commonwealth on her Coronation gown. This choice was a signal that together she and Harry would continue the Queen’s work throughout the Commonwealth and the Royal Family was very touched as Meghan explains in the video below.

The Queen clearly has already established a strong bond with her new granddaughter-in-law. She even took Meghan’s beloved beagle Guy to Windsor for the wedding weekend. This very thoughtful gesture likely further solidified that bond.

In an ironic twist, Meghan and Harry donated the flowers from their wedding to a local hospice. One of the women who received these flowers was an embroideress who worked on both the Queen’s bridal and coronation gowns. Such a beautiful full circle coincidence that she helped create the original gown that was partly used a model for Meghan’s and all those years later, received flowers from the Queen’s grandson’s wedding.

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