Bobby Lashley has a new manager in 205 Live star Lio Rush, and good ol’ JR thinks he’s a “keeper.”

Ross gave Rush his stamp of approval on the latest episode of The Jim Ross Report, proclaiming that he “can be and should be a big-timer.”

Put simply: I agree with JR.

Getting His Voice Heard

Earlier this month, fans were taken by surprise when Rush made his unexpected Raw debut, seemingly acting as Lashley’s manager.

The segment came entirely out of left field, and many fans – myself included – were left unsure what to think. However, the situation became a bit clearer on the Sept. 17 episode of Raw, when Rush made an impactful statement both on the mic and in the ring after interrupting Elias.

I have to say, I was just as impressed with Rush’s commentary work as I was his athleticism – and I wasn’t the only one. According to PW Insider’s Mike Johnson, it was Vince McMahon himself who brought Rush to Raw after seeing a promo Rush cut on social media.

That’s quite the 180 from last October when Rush was pulled off TV for joking about Emma’s release on Twitter. It just goes to show that Rush knows how to market himself; and when that’s combined with his charisma and in-ring ability, chances are high that Rush could become the “big-timer” that Ross predicts.

Furthermore, as Ross discussed above, what Rush is doing right now is unique. Outside of Paul Heyman and, arguably, Zelina Vega, there aren’t any true managers in WWE. But reports indicate that Vince is interested in reviving the role of the old school flashy manager – and Rush seems like just the character to bring back that aesthetic.

Does Vince finally see what Topanga’s seen in Rush all along?

Of course, it’s still early. But after his showing on this week’s Raw, I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Lio Rush.

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