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Drinking and driving is a deadly combination. Getting behind the wheel after throwing back alcohol can have life-altering consequences, not just for the driver, but also the passengers and other people on the road. The thought of a school bus driver being wasted behind the wheel is even more terrifying.

That’s what happened on an episode of “What Would You Do?” This show goes undercover to see how people will react to some alarming or uncomfortable situations. True to form, the unknowing subjects of this episode did not disappoint in their reactions to the scene and were willing to go to great lengths to protect children from this drunk school bus driver. Sadly, this situation has actually happened.

The driver in question was waiting to pick up first graders from a field trip. Rather than staying with the kids, he took off for a bar where he waited for the phone call telling him it was time to return. After being served a number of drinks, he was cut off by the bartender. But, these good folks weren’t about to let him get on the road!

While more than a few people called 911, one woman even grabbed the keys from his hand as the drunk bus driver made his way to the parking lot.

When two moms witnessed the drunk bus driver heading outside, they began to panic. They knew they couldn’t let him leave and had previously discussed blocking the bus with their own vehicle. They were willing to sacrifice a car to protect kids they didn’t even know. After calling 911, the tearful moms were greeted by John Quiñones who explained they were on “What Would You Do?”

The video below will help restore your faith in humanity!

There are still plenty of good people in the world ready to step up and do the right thing. It doesn’t help to remain silent in a moral dilemma.

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