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We all encounter people who just don’t have any patience for others. They become even more volatile when things upset them behind the wheel of a car. How we react in such situations sets the tone for not just the next few seconds, but sometimes the rest of someone’s life.

Tiffany Jenkins was at a drive-thru when she encountered a rude driver behind her. This woman had no patience for the fact that Tiffany didn’t immediately pull up when it was her turn. Tiffany was grabbing something her daughter threw so she was a few seconds behind. This woman had no tolerance and immediately laid on the horn and started losing it.

The most natural reaction would have been to serve a nasty attitude back up to this rude driver, but Tiffany chose another route. When she pulled up to the drive-thru window, Tiffany paid for the woman’s coffee. She decided the woman likely had something very wrong going on in her life causing her to be so bitter. Tiffany decided to pay it forward.

Her kind act had the power to neutralize someone filled with anger. This stranger was completely rude, yet the response she received was generosity and kindness.  Tiffany believes the people who are the most hostile are the ones who need kindness the most. Life is short and we need more kindness in this world.

This message has gone viral with over 2 million views. It’s an important reminder that even in the face of nasty behavior, choosing kindness can be a good option.

If you believe in treating others as you would want to be treated, you will be inspired by the video message below.

There were quite a few comments on the video from people who stated they needed to hear this. Tiffany Mae Raymond shared that she is struggling with a sick baby. The reality of their battle sometimes hits her at bad times so she appreciates the kindness of a stranger.

“Thank you,” Tiffany wrote. “I won’t go into too much detail but I have an infant with cancer and we’ve been battling this for 11 months now and I truly can’t control when (or where sometimes) the reality of my situation hits me. Sometimes it’s in public, and the impatience and rudeness of some people is truly astounding. Thank you, so so much.”

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