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Millennials Are 5.5X More Likely Than Baby Boomers to Not Check Their Credit Reports

According to a new WalletHub poll [1], financial hardship is still a very large topic for many Americans.  It’s been nearly a decade after great downturn ended.  Lots of people are simply too scared to see what’s on their credit report, even if their inaction will lead to bad outcomes.

On mortgage foreclosures, “People would not answer the phone or open their mail because they were afraid of bad news. It’s like a student not picking up an exam they know they did poorly on,” said Michael J. Collins, faculty director of the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin. “The problem is credit reports are dynamic, and may contain errors, so you need to stay on top of it.”

This credit report phobia does not seem to afflict everyone equally, either. It is especially pronounced among millennials, women and people with low income.

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