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WWE Star Draws Hilarious Anti-Highflying Comic

205 Live star Drew Gulak isn’t like most of his cruiserweight comrades. He doesn’t do flips or dives or jumps. His offense is more ground-based. Gulak is a decorated amateur wrestler and submission grappler. His style relies on takedowns, submissions, and arm holds. You could almost call him old-school. But he isn’t just old-school in his style, he’s old school in his entire outlook on wrestling. Gulak has made a name for himself in WWE by being against the ‘dangerous’ high-flying of his 205 live teammates [1]. As part of Gulak began his “Campaign For a Better 205 Live” which looks to pain top-rope jumps and dives and replace them with safe and secure groundwork and wrestling.

Now that Gulak is the number 1 contender for the Cruiserweight title [2], he’s put his campaign against high-flying into…high gear. Gulak is so devoted to banning flashy¬†moves that he wrote this hilarious comic on the ‘dangers’ of wrestling.

Drew Gulak's Comic For A Better 205 Live [3]