15 Unbelievable Things the U.S. Government Spends Money On!

Here are 15 of the most ridiculous things the US Government spends the money you pay in taxes on each year.

3. The Chicken and the Egg Question

Some questions are impossible to answer; this includes the question of which was first – the chicken or the egg? Now, the government is funding a similar question: “Does media cause polarization, or does polarization cause media choice?” To find answers, the government is giving $406,419 to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

4. Administrative Leave Vacations for Federal Employees

A staggering amount of money is going to vacations for federal employees on administrative leave. Rather than being punished for whatever they have done, the government is giving them a nice bonus of $3.1 billion in total.

5. Figuring Out Why Policies Are Stressful

The government is funding more ridiculous research, because they are spending almost $150,000 on figuring out why it is stressful to debate politics with your friends and family. Waste of money? Or genuine research?

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