Down syndrome what would you do

People with Down Syndrome¬†are often called God’s Prozac. They always seem happy and optimistic. That’s why it’s so hard to imagine someone bullying them. But, that’s what happened at a New Jersey restaurant on an episode of “What Would You Do?”

An actor named Mike played the role of a bully. He was hostile and rude, not only to the waitress but to Peter who has Down Syndrome. Mike had no patience for the time Peter needed to order.

Mike interrupts them and badgers the waitress. She was clearly appalled. But when he turned his demeaning and disturbing behavior to Peter, the other patrons had enough. He even said that Peter shouldn’t be out in public alone! Nobody else in the restaurant was bothered by Peter. Time after time, they rallied to Peter’s defense.

This video actually helps restore my faith in humanity. These good people weren’t about to let this bully put Peter down. People like Mike obviously feel they are more important than those around them but the reality¬†is, nobody is more important than anyone else. These good people all realize that! Some even invited Peter to join them at their table.

The best part is the end when just about everyone in the restaurant puts Mike in his place and sends him out the door!


I love the man who said if he were Mike’s boss, he would fire him. Even though it was all scripted, it still punched me in the gut to see Peter treated that way. Nobody should be disrespected like that. Hopefully, Peter focuses on the positive and all the people who not only support him but defended him against a bully!

People with disabilities can live independent lives and they should be encouraged to do that. Bravo to Peter for remaining positive when faced with a bully, real or made up!

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