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Millennials Nearly Running Themselves Over For Stupidest New Challenge

Millennials have found a new way to risk their lives for internet fame. After condom snorting [1] and eating Tide pods [2], the latest craze has some young adults jumping out of moving cars.

It’s called the #InMyFeelings challenge. It was started by a comedian named Shoker who posted a video of a dance perfectly synced up with musical artist Drake’s latest hit “In My Feelings.” But, this generation doesn’t just copy things. They have to add a layer of risk and injury to it for viral fame.

It’s amazing to think that these millennials are descendants of the Greatest Generation. After dedicated and brave Americans saved our country from the Great Depression and World War II, their great-grandchildren are jumping out of moving cars for a couple minutes of attention.

It’s not just passengers who are jumping out of moving cars. As you can see in the tweeted video below, Twitter user Barbara Kopylova increased the risk to herself and others when she threw herself out of the car while she was driving.

Sadly, she isn’t the only one. Liza Koshy got out of her moving car in less dramatic fashion, but she then jumped on the hood of the driverless car and began dancing. If she wants to risk her life, that is one thing, but even if there isn’t another driver on the road, there are many things that could go wrong here. Like a bunch of fools, these millennials are broadcasting videos of themselves committing these dangerous acts. The police should not take kindly to driverless cars on the road.

Another horrifying attempt is met with laughter from the friend in the passenger seat who doesn’t seem to realize how her life is now at risk without anyone to press the brake in the car.

Aspiring actress Chachi Gonzalez actually got out of the car on a busy highway to dance. Wise decision-making skills are clearly not listed on her resume. Maybe she celebrated not dying by eating a Tide Pod.

These fools were all showed up by Doug the Pug who had a lot of fun with the #InMyFeelings [19] Challenge. The cute canine danced around a car, but his owner had the sense to use a parked car.

These videos make me thankful to have grown up when I did.

Source: Buzzfeed [23]