Extreme Rules: Predictions, Previews, And Spoilers

Extreme Rules 2018 is this weekend, so it is time for some of our predictions! Sandra, Katie, Jack, and Hunter once again delight you with their takes

Deleter of Worlds vs. the B-Team

Sandra: This match will be WONDERFUL! Loving both teams right now, so having a match together at Extreme Rules is like a dream come true. Unfortunately, I think the WWE might be cutting the B-Team’s win streak short at the upcoming pay-per-view.

In my dream scenario, the B-Team will win on Sunday, defeating the Deleter of Worlds in a heel manner. Then, the Deleter of Worlds can arrange a “Final Deletion” of the B-Team, after which the tag team joins Hardy and Wyatt. How awesome would that be?

Hunter: Matt and Bray seem to have unfinished business. They could still do more at the “Compound” in the build-up to SummerSlam. So why not get the belts onto the B-Team (just as a reward for the years of shit Dallas and Axel have trudged through)

Katie: The B-Team is killing the game right now. Just absolutely slaying it. Ever since their inception, they’ve been one of the most entertaining parts of Raw. As for the Deleters of Worlds? Not so much, in my opinion. However, this rivalry is too good to end now. I think the Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy will retain and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel will get another shot at SummerSlam.

Jack: I like Bray Wyatt, and his alliance with Matt Hardy has revitalized his character somewhat. I LOVE the Woken One. But neither of these guys needs the other to be over. They sure as hell don’t need the tag titles.

But the B-Team does. Imagine how arrogant they will be with the titles? The B-Team has the momentum, getting over with the crowd in a way neither man has ever done, notably when they were overshadowed by the Miz.

I swear I’m not trying to be contrarian, but I’m going with a B-Team win here. The titles combined with their undefeated strike could help push both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a big way.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Team Hell No (SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Sandra: The SmackDown Live tag team division feels a little lost at the moment, which could explain why the WWE reinstated Team Hell No. The Bludgeon Brothers also got the title too fast. There was not enough build-up, and the WWE Universe, therefore, could not warm up to the team.

In my personal and professional opinion, Team Hell No provides a solution for the tag team division. Therefore, I predict they will take the win at Extreme Rules and take the SmackDown tag team championships.

Hunter: We all know what we’re waiting for here. The set-up is ready. The Miz interferes, Kane turns on Daniel Bryan, and we have the TRUE dream match of Miz-Bryan for SummerSlam. Right? Well, who knows. Giving Hell No a title run could be nice, but the fans want that Bryan-Miz match. I want that Bryan-Miz match. Will Vince give us what we want? And even then, will we like it?

Katie: The Bludgeon Brothers haven’t done much with the SmackDown Tag Team titles, and everyone loves Team Hell No. So it seems like a no-brainer that the titles will change hands here.

Jack: Team Hell No – the most significant thing on Smackdown at the moment – could help the blue brand’s tag team division by holding the titles. They could also easily lose due to some disagreement, characteristic of the act, that distracts both men long enough to lose.

But I have to agree with Sandra and Katie. All signs point to Team Hell No going over the Bludgeon Brothers.

Carmella vs. Asuka (The SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Sandra: I’m definitely on board for this one. Carmella has been a grand heel champion, and the return of James Ellsworth was hilarious as well as surprising. However, I do think it is time for a change, and I will explain why.

I hope I am right when I say Nikki Cross is on her way to the main roster as well, and that she will join Sanity shortly. Now, Asuka and Nikki had a fantastic match in NXT. It was the match of the year for me, so I hope the two will meet again with Asuka being the champion and Nikki as the challenger #wrestlegoals.

For my wrestle goal to become a reality, Asuka has to beat Carmella first. In a fair fight, she’ll have no problems, although Mella has gained a lot of credibiliy. Still, I believe Ellsworth will interfere from his steel cage somehow, but it will cost Mella the title.

Hunter: Asuka should and will win. Ellsworth is in the shark cage for comedy and will no-doubt try and fail to interfere. Asuka will no-sell the eye spray and then beat the crap out of Carmella for the win.

Katie: It’s time for Asuka to be a WWE champion. James Ellsworth already hoodwinked her out of the SmackDown Women’s Championship once, and it would be absurd if he did it again. Furthermore, Carmella can stand to lose more than Asuka can; the Empress of Tomorrow needs to be restored to her former glory.

Jack: I’ve enjoyed Carmella as champion and wouldn’t be disappointed to see her retain the title–but WWE is ready for Asuka to take the women’s top spot on Smackdown. Expect James Ellsworth to try to district Asuka as usual, but for it not to work this time.

The Empress of Tomorrow walks out of Extreme Rules the new champ.

The last two matches of the night will be the matches of the night. Can Rusev finally succeed? What’s next for Drew McIntyre? Hit next to learn what to look for and expect.

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