cop saves man sleeping train tracks

A man who was sleeping on train tracks was saved by a fast-acting police officer who was able to wake him up as a train was approaching. The New Jersey police officer’s body cam captured the dramatic events.

Kyle Savoia is a rookie cop with the Perth Amboy Police Department. He was responding to a call from someone who had seen a person sleeping on the train tracks. When the officer got there, a train was quickly approaching.

The video is hard to watch as it’s so easy to see how things could have gone horribly wrong. Savoia, who has been on the job only seven months, was running as fast as he could towards the man and the train. The officer was screaming “Hey, bud! Hey, move!” and telling the train to stop.

The man woke up so startled that he was confused. He actually stood up in front of the train! When he heard Savoia yelling to move, he ran off the tracks right as the train came to where he was standing. Other police officers had already called in and asked the train to stop and that’s what happened right past where the man was standing in confusion.


That was a close call. Now we are left to wonder why someone would sleep on train tracks. The man did not appear to have a death wish, but it’s a very unusual place to nap! Meanwhile, Savoia is being praised as a fast-acting hero.

“At the end of the day, all that matters is everyone gets home safe. Also, at such an early stage of my career, to be able to make an impactful difference in a person’s life is incredible and makes me love what I do every day,” the hero cop said.

Source: Western Journal

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