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If you grew up in the 1950s, Dick Clark was likely a memorable fixture during your early years. “America’s Oldest Teenager,” as he was known, brought teenagers the best music and dancing of the day.

Many of us tuned in to watch “American Bandstand” after school, but Clark had another popular show as well. “Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show” brought us some great entertainment on the weekends.

There were many memorable performances on both of these shows, but one that still holds steady after all these decades is when The Chordettes were on “Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show” in 1958.

Dick Clark introduced these four ladies from up in “the peanut gallery” where he was surrounded by excited teens. Every one of them was well-dressed as it was very exciting to be a part of the early days of television. This was when teens knew how to act and dress responsibly. If you acted up, you would get cracked when you got home! After all, you were representing your whole family!

The Chordettes’ song “Mr. Sandman” had already been a smash hit, but they were about to introduce the crowd to another song as it was bursting onto the scene. These four ladies adorably tossed lollipops into the crowd of teens as they sang the now legendary song, “Lollipop.”

They had other hits, but none reached the heights of those two songs. The audience got to witness a very memorable performance of both of their huge hits that day.

You can take a stroll down memory lane by watching this epic performance in the video below.

What a wonderful performance of both songs! It’s no wonder these women were inducted into the Vocal Groups Hall of Fame. These songs are still so catchy that it’s easy to remember the words all these years later.

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