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5 Facts About Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin [1] is a WWE superstar I always like to compare to pickles, you either love him or hate him. If you are in the “undecided” camp at the moment, be sure to check out the five facts about Baron Corbin [2] below.

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1. He Won the Golden Gloves Three Times

He may look the part already, but not many people know that Baron Corbin [4] won the prestigious Golden Gloves award three times. The Golden Gloves are an award given for amateur boxing competitions within the United States, so most people who receive this award are bound for a professional boxing career.

Despite winning the Golden Gloves on three separate occasions, Baron Corbin did not seem destined for a world in professional boxing. While he could still change his mind, Corbin’s future within the WWE looks more or less secured.

2. He Spent Some Time in the NFL

Aside from being quite successful in the amateur boxing circuit, Baron Corbin also spent some time in the NFL (National Football League). Even though only 1% of college athletes end up in the NFL, Baron Corbin did achieve this impressive feat.

Baron Corbin [5] was first picked up by the Indianapolis Colts; this after his team at the Northwest Missouri State University won the Division II National Championship four times in a row. His road did not go smoothly though since he was released, resigned, and then released again in only one year.

Corbin would move onto the Arizona Cardinals, but he would be released once again without any genuine playtime. Despite not being as successful in the NFL, the man must have the talent to be picked up in the first place.

3. He’s a Feared Fighting Opponent

Baron Corbin [6] has quite a reputation where fighting is concerned; this through his boxing background as well as NFL background. While I would not pick a fight with Corbin, o begin with, some people are not that smart.

An old teammate of Corbin spoke out about Baron Corbin’s fighting prowess. He once mentioned that anyone caught up in a fight with Corbin would have more luck “buying a lottery ticket”.

Corbin’s reputation in a fight does not seem to have had an impact in the WWE, so I don’t believe he’s aggressive by nature. Still, it is a beast that must be contained in the future.

4. The WWE Did Not Discover Him

Most WWE superstars do their try-out in the WWE after they receive an invitation from the WWE. Contrary to what most people believe, it is not that easy to get a try-out with the company. However, Corbin is an exception to the rule, since the WWE did not discover him. Instead, Corbin contacted the WWE and requested a try-out instead.

5. Corbin’s In-Ring Persona Is Close to His Actual Character

Well, before we elaborate, take into account that there are some clear differences between the character he plays and the person who he is. However, many elements of Corbin’s character are taken from his own interests.

Baron Corbin has stated in many interviews that he has a big love for motorbikes; this reflects in much of his merchandise. He is also a heavy music lover and is friends with the current front-man of Sevendust.

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