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Undertaker’s Next WWE Match Announced!

The Undertaker is never going to retire, is he? After seemingly retiring at WrestleMania 33 after losing to Roman Reigns, The Deadman returned this past year to squash John Cena at WrestleMania 34 in the same place where his streak ended. He then went onto defeat Rusev in a casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event [1]. But when will we see the greatest of all time again? Well, you’ll need to be live in person at WWE’s most famous venue, Madison Square Garden [2].

Undertaker hasn’t wrestled at MSG in 8 years. Considering how often WWE runs shows there, that is surprising. Who will he face? Speculation will run wild. But I suspect it will be someone in the mid to low card who can make the Undertaker still look like the Phenom. My picks are Bobby Roode, Jinder Mahal, and Kevin Owens

Who should Taker face?