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Actor Chosen To Play Ronald Reagan – Christians Will Cheer!

It takes a special actor to portray a man like Ronald Reagan [1]. The favorite president of many conservatives was an actor himself so this requires a nuanced performer rather than a firebrand liberal. Thankfully, producers hit a home run in their selection.

Christian actor Dennis Quaid [2] has signed on to portray our 40th president in an upcoming biopic about the beloved conservative leader. The movie will cover Reagan from boyhood, his Hollywood career, his role as Governor of California and President of the United States. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but given that Quaid is involved, it is sure to be done right.

Producer Mark Joseph has met with 50 of President Reagan’s cabinet members and friends. He even interviewed Reagan’s pastor and the surgeon who cared for him after he was shot in 1981. Through it all, Joseph knew exactly who he wanted to portray Reagan.

“Dennis was always our first choice. He’s one of the great actors of our time,” the producer said.

Quaid is thrilled to have the honor of portraying Reagan on the big screen. “Reagan was a fascinating and multifaceted human being and this movie captures his humanity,” the actor said. “We’re making a movie for Republicans and Democrats alike since Reagan transcends politics. I can’t wait to get started.”

More information is in the video below.

Quaid is fresh off the success of his film I Can Only Imagine [5]. This Christian movie dominated at the box office for weeks, smashing Hollywood’s expectations and highlighting the demand for conservative and faith-based films. Now, he is bound to be repeated that success by portraying Ronald Reagan.

Edwin Meese, who served as Reagan’s Attorney General, is an unofficial adviser to the movie. It is obvious that Jacobs is going to great lengths to portray an accurate version of the President who was a force behind the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

Reagan [6] isn’t set to open until next summer, but I just might reserve my place in line for Opening Night now. This is absolutely a movie I am going to see!

Source: Hollywood Reporter [7]