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Breaking News: Verdict Reached In CM Punk Lawsuit

WWE doctor Chris Amann sued Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton due to Punk claiming on Cabana’s podcast that AmannĀ refused to treat [1] a Staph/MRSA infection on Punk’s back. However, the lawsuit revealed that Punk never had MRSA or Staph [2] and that WWE’s doctors most likely complied with protocol, including when CM Punk was removed from a match due to a concussion. However, Amann had a hard time proving that Punk caused any material damage to his career. Amann’s attorney produced a few threatening and obnoxious tweets aimed at Amann. However, Amann is still employed by the WWE and has not suffered any financial loss due to the incident. Even so, The WWE doctor requested the jury award him $3 million in damages. That is one dollar for each download of the Cabana-Punk podcast.

On day six the trial ended and the jury was sent to decide their verdict.

There you have it. Good news for Punk and Cabana. More so for Cabana, as I am certain a decision against him would have crippled him financially. Now Punk can get back to focusing on his UFC fight on June 9th.