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Song About Their Mother Going To Heaven Will Bring You To Tears

“America’s Got Talent” fans watched an emotional performance by a trio of siblings. They sang about their mother’s death to cancer in a powerful song that brought Mel B to tears and the rest of the crowd to its feet.

We Three [1]” is comprised of two brothers and a sister, hailing from Oregon. “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away,” was written from their mother’s point of view as she said goodbye to her children. While there have been many sad stories about loss and adversity on the show, this song perfectly demonstrated it. The original song ends up being a triumph in the face of loss because it shows the siblings carrying on after losing their beloved mom.

The song has a strong Christian message as it discusses Heaven and implies the graces found through God’s love and redemption and the continuation of life after death.

Judge Mel B was greatly touched by the song because her own father died from cancer just a year ago. The fact that the song is from the perspective of a dying parent adds a different spin on it. Anyone who has lost a parent will likely relate to this touching song.

You might want to grab a box of tissues before watching the emotional and powerful performance in the video below.

Wow! While many people sing covers, “We Three” sang a song they wrote with an incredibly powerful message. It was so well received that they got a standing ovation from everyone, including typically critical AGT judge Simon Cowell. (RELATED: 13 Year Old Sings Moving Ballad for Cancer-Stricken Dad On America’s Got Talent [2]).

Joshua, Bethany and Manny Humlie hail from Oregon. Manny was just 21 when he wrote this song after their mother’s death two years ago. The song continues being a gift to the siblings who miss their mom.

“I think it was so impactful because it was like we got to have another conversation with her. Every time we listen to it, we get to have another conversation with her,” Manny said [3].

Joshua added, “We’re starting to see some of the purpose behind it, behind writing the song and behind some of the difficult things we’ve had to experience. And Mel B’s reaction to it was honestly a bit of a validation.”

All four of the judges voted yes, sending “We Three” onto the next round. We will be seeing more from this family band for years to come.

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