The Best (and Worst) Fake Versions Of Genuine WWE Superstars!

The following WWE stars had their own fake version, so be sure to read on which wrestlers experienced "the ultimate form of flattery".

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but probably not as much for the following WWE superstars. The following WWE stars had their own fake version, so be sure to read on which wrestlers experienced “the ultimate form of flattery”.

Doink the Clown

While people from my generation do not remember Doink the Clown, this is the character with the most imposters to his name. The original Doink the Clown was Matt Borne, but many “clowns” would follow with Steve Keirn, John Maloof, Steve Lombardi, and Nick ‘Eugene’ Dinsmore. You can even find Doink the Clown on the Indie scene nowadays. In fact, it is sort of a joke about indie shows having a fake Doink on their show.


Yes, even the big red machine had a fake version, which he took on in a forgettable rivalry in 2006. Unbelievably, the fake Kane was actually Luke Gallows, who would make a return to the WWE with his tag team partner Karl Anderson as members of The Club.


Even Sting had to suffer a fake version of himself at one point, nWo Sting. The role of the impostor was played by Jeff Farmer, best known for his work in WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Still, out of all imitations, this was probably one of the worst ones. Shockingly, WCW isn’t on this list again!

The Undertaker

The most iconic wrestler to ever step foot in the squared circle had to deal with an impostor too, although you almost have to feel sorry for the fake version, considering the beating he received at the hands of the real Undertaker.

Undertaker’s fake version was played by Brian Lee, a man you might remember from Extreme Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He also did a short stint in the WWF as Chainz. Of course, Brian Lee was not the only one to imitate the Undertaker, since many have tried and been punished for it!

Diesel & Razor Ramon

When Diesel and Razor Ramon defected to WCW, the WWF responded by creating a fake version of the popular duo. Of course, the fake versions were not well-received by fans.

Surprisingly, the fake Diesel would become a major superstar in his own right, because fake Diesel was Glenn Jacobs. Aka Kane! Fake Razor Ramon was played by Canadian wrestler Richard Bognar who later wrestled in Japan and on the indies.



Nobody can play a deranged character like Mick Foley, right? Wrong, because even Mick Foley had to deal with a fake version of himself!

In 2000, a fake version of Mankind showed up in the WWE. The fake mankind was played by Dennis Knight, a man you might remember from the WCW under the ring name Tex Slazenger and from the WWF under the ring names Phineas I. Godwinn and Mideon.

Why I Think Another Impostor Storyline Would be Great for the WWE

There is a reason for me to mention wrestling impostors today, because I honestly believe that a storyline like this could be hilarious and effective on either brand. The only question is, which WWE Superstar could benefit from an impostor storyline?

Which WWE Superstar would you like to see face his or her impostor? Let us know your ideas in the comment section below.

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