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Jeff Bezos Net Worth in 2018 Continues to SkyRocket (Infographic)

On November 24, 2017, the day after Thanksgiving, and commonly referred to Black Friday- Jeff Bezos Net Worth stood at $100.3 B [1].  From the begining of 2017 till that date in 2017, his net worth had gained $32.6B according to Bloomberg.  Guess what? Six months later, Jeff Bezos Net Worth Stands at over $130B, an increase of $30B in that short time.

Jeff Bezos is best known as the fearless leader of Amazon [2]. He founded Amazon in 1994. What started as an online bookstore has expanded to millions and millions of products. It is currently the world’s largest Internet sales online [3] company, as well as the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure [4] services via its Amazon Web Services [5] arm.   Bezos other investments include owning the Washington Post [6] and is the owner and founder of Blue Origin [7].  Blue Origin is developing technologies to enable human space flight with the goal to dramatically lower costs and increase reliability of such trips.

Jeff Bezos approximate net worth of $130B [8] fluctuates daily, primarily on the value of Amazon stock.  He owns about 16-17% of all Amazon stock, which amounts to nearly 81B shares.  Amazon stock has been up over 30% since Black Friday of 2017 and Bezos has been the primary beneficiary.   Here’s a depressing fact.  If you purchased $1,000 when Amazon IPOd in 1997 – that thousand dollar investment would be over $900,000 and close to $1M.

Its almost unfathomable to think how much money that Jeff Bezos has.  The average household in America makes $59,000 a year.  Over the last six months, Bezos has been earning $59,000 every MINUTE!   By the time it takes you to read through this post, he will have amassed another $59,000.  On a daily basis he made approximately $86M dollars.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth in relative terms is even more crazy to think about.   If he were to buy a new $400,000 Lamborghini, his $30B increase in Net Worth is equivalent to typical household spending $0.79 or a candy bar.    He could fully pay for Trump’s proposed border wall and still have $9B left over to buy the New York Yankees twice over.   To note, this is all based on the $30B increase he’s amassed over the last six months.

We made a quick info graphic of his relative wealth over the last six months.  We hope you enjoy. Please share.

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Jeff_Bezos_Net_Worth [9]

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