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Braun Strowman Calls Out British Presenter Piers Morgan

Braun Strowman [1], you are officially on my list of favorite wrestlers of all time. Being part British myself, I have a natural dislike for Piers Morgan [2] and his accompanying arrogance. Strowman putting him down a couple of notches is just what he needed! Here’s the story!

Guest on Good Morning Britain’

Good Morning Britain’ is a favorite show here in the UK, even though I never have time to watch it myself. I made an exception when Braun Strowman made his appearance on the show. Let me tell you; it was one of the most exciting shows they have done in a while!

When Braun was asked if he would take on Piers in the ring, he had the following to say:

“I’m always up for any newcomer that wants to try and come get a shot at these hands. Oh yeah Piers, I wouldn’t mind getting him in there and tossing him around like a sack of potatoes and seeing how he can take it. [My finisher for him?] He would get a Powerslam without a doubt like everybody else has when they step in the ring with The Monster Among Men. Without a doubt, he doesn’t want any of this.”

Piers Morgan Responds

The downside on taking on Piers Morgan is that he always responds with a lame comeback; this was no different after Braun Strowman was on ‘Good Morning Britain.’ Here is his comeback, but it lacks some creativity Piers.

Of course, you cannot insult Braun Strowman without a WWE fan responding to it as well. WWE fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world, so the responses Piers received match this reputation. Here are some of my favorites!

All I’m going to say is this. If the WWE is looking for a British celebrity for Braun Strowman [18] to take on, then Piers Morgan is a prime choice. Many people can’t stand the man, so wrestling fans will be more than happy to see it!

Would you like to see Piers versus Strowman? Let us know in the comment section below!