10 Tips for Credit Repair Success

If your're planning to apply for something that requires a credit check in the next few months, these tips for repairing your credit will be essential

Keep a Paper Trail

When you’re working out payments with creditors and debt collectors, it may be helpful to send a check rather than make a payment on the phone. If there’s ever an issue over whether you satisfied the account, a copy of the cancelled check will prove that you actually did make the payment.

Leave Accounts Open

Avoid closing accounts, even if they have some negative information associated with them. Catch up on the payments on these accounts and continue paying on time to improve your credit score. Closing your accounts won’t remove them from your credit report and can actually hurt you, especially if these accounts have a long history.

Make Your Payments Early

It’s enough to make your payments on time each month, but paying early has its benefits too. For example, if you go ahead and make your payment, you won’t have to worry about whether the due date is approaching and if you make your payment on time. You can set up payments on your creditor’s website or through your bank’s online bill pay.

Reduce Your Credit Limit

If you want to avoid the temptation to use your credit cards, you can ask your creditors to decrease your credit limit. This leaves you with less available credit to spend and forces you to live within your means rather than relying on your credit card. It also helps you avoid creating more debt than you can afford to pay.

As you work to improve your credit score through credit repair, keep each of these ideas in mind. Combining these tips and strategies will help you successfully repair your credit – something that’s much-needed for buying and renting things in today’s society.

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