Hallelujah well

This little princess reminds me of my sister who currently performs at concerts, weddings, and anything else people request.

Tiffany Ruan, a singer and songwriter, traveled with her class choir group overseas from Witchita Collegiate School

Ruan, while in Spoleto, Italy discovered a well and after testing out the sound effects, she sang Leonard Cohen’s 1984 Hallelujah; it nearly shocked everyone standing around.

Tiffany spoke to KWCH 12 in Kansas about her dream of becoming a professional singer, “I thought I was never going to get an opportunity. A week before I posted that video, I had made up my mind. I told myself I’m going to go for the more realistic, the more stable route, and just pursue like engineering or something.”

However, that all changed when the below video went viral and for good reason. Her voice is angelic! See for yourself.

Watch Tiffany Ruan sing Hallelujah:

This was a beautiful rendition of the song and Mr. Cohen would be pleased with Tiffany’s angelic performance.

Tiffany has promised to continuing posting more videos of her and her angelic voice.

My sister would love this also. She’s going places and I pray nothing but success and stability for her future.

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