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Walmart Yodeler Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime After Melting Hearts On ‘Ellen’

Mason “Little Hank” Ramsey got the surprise of a lifetime during a guest appearance on “Ellen.” She had him on the show after seeing a viral video of the 11-year-old yodeling [1] at Walmart.

Ramsey often performs in Walmart. He’s from a small town in Illinois, and Walmart is about the only place he can get an audience. So, every time he goes shopping, he yodels. A video of one of these performances in a Walmart aisle caught the attention of over 7 million people. You can watch that terrific performance below.

Mason had his first airplane flight to Los Angeles to be on the show. This self-described “country boy” isn’t used to a fancy lifestyle, but he does have a dream. He wants to sing at the Grand Ole Opry one day.

After telling Ellen about how he bales hay and takes naps under trees with a weed in his mouth, Mason performed Hank Williams Sr.’s “Lovesick Blues.” This was a big change of scenery from his regular performances at Walmart. He didn’t appear to be nervous, and he completely nailed the song.

After he tipped his hat to signal the end of the song, Ellen [2] gave him some amazing surprises. She informed him that his dream of singing at the Grand Ole Opry was coming true on Saturday. That wasn’t all that this stunned child received. He also was going to have a big concert at his local Walmart that would be broadcast on the company’s Facebook page. In addition to all of that, Walmart is giving him a $15,000 college scholarship.

That viral video paid off big time for this aspiring musician. You can watch Little Hank’s performance in the video below.

What he thought was a regular performance at Walmart ended up being the opportunity of a lifetime. This kid is going places with all the talent he has.

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