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A U.S. Army veteran was forced to wait in an absolutely filthy room while receiving treatment at the VA Salt Lake City, prompting the veteran’s father to ask President Donald Trump to take action.

Army veteran Christopher Wilson, who served two tours in Iraq, said he was at the VA Salt Lake City for a podiatry appointment on April 5. After waiting 45 minutes to be seen, he was taken into a room that was full of medical waste and debris, including open medical kits and tools strewn across the counter, a bowl full of a plaster-like substance, and an overflowing garbage can.

When Wilson first saw the condition of the room, he expected to be taken elsewhere. But that didn’t happen. “I figured they would say, ‘oh, this room’s not clean,’ and take me somewhere else, but they kind of just blew past it, didn’t acknowledge it,” he said.

While waiting for the doctor, Wilson took photos of the room that he posted to Facebook. Last week, Wilson’s father, Stephen Wilson, posted the photos on Twitter with a plea for people to retweet. “Maybe @realDonaldTrump will see it,” he wrote.

Wilson’s father’s tweet quickly gained speed, and he later posted an update that the VA Salt Lake City told him the room was typically used to put casts on patients with diabetic ulcers. On Monday, Wilson’s father pointed out that diabetic ulcers “by definition are open wounds,” and his son was “put at RISK” by receiving injections in the room. He also claimed that Dr. Karen Gribbin, the VA Salt Lake City chief of staff, “didn’t know” the correct policies and procedures.

However, Dr. Gribbin said she spoke with Wilson and personally apologized for his experience. “I was taken aback by the condition of the room. Mr Wilson should not have been placed in that room in that condition,” she said.

It goes without saying that Wilson never should have received treatment in a room in that condition, but his story had helped draw more attention to the lack of care and concern that seems to perpetually plague the VA. On Sunday, Wilson thanked everyone who’s drawn attention to the issue.

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