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Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Mark Gilberg retired after 37 years of service to his community. His emotional final radio call concluding his long career is pulling at a lot of heartstrings.

Gilbert, who is the longest-serving DPS Trooper, took on different work schedules and shifts to help patrol the highways and protect people.

In his final call, Gilbert tearfully recalls his first date of service and thanks all those he has worked with over a career that spanned nearly four decades.

“Badge 2988 began his career March 11, 1981… this will be my final 10-7,” Gilberg said at the beginning of the call. The dispatcher replies, “10-4, and you’re making me cry, too, did everyone copy that?”

“I just wanted to thank everybody for everything that they’ve ever done. It’s been an honor and a privilege. And a great career, it’s been a great adventure,” Gilberg said to the dispatcher and other troopers listening. “Thirty-seven years and three weeks later – it’s been a great ride, thank you very much and keep smiling.”

Gilberg unsuccessfully tries to fight off tears as he says goodbye to a job and co-workers he clearly loved. You might need some tissues when you watch the video below.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves described the now retired Trooper as a “work-horse” with an “incredible work ethic.” Gilberg dedicated 25 of his 37-year career in northwest Arizona’s DPS District One.

Our law enforcement officers sacrifice much to protect us. They can’t take breaks for holidays. They are also targeted by Black Lives Matter activists. It takes a special breed of person to put on a uniform and sport a badge. We owe LEOs, like Mark Gilberg, a tremendous amount of respect for the jobs they do!

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Source: Fox News

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