New Mexico State Police Officer Toby Lafave has seen a lot during his years of service to the community, but he wasn’t prepared when he pulled over a speeding car.

Lafave noticed the Cadillac racing down the highway. He clocked it going 96 miles per hour. After pulling the car over, he was stunned to see a young girl sitting in the front seat. Not only should she have been sitting in the back because of her age, but she wasn’t even wearing a seat belt. She could have been seriously hurt as her aunt weaved between traffic at speeds of almost 100 miles per hour.

It was obvious to the officer that this driver was under the influence of something. She claimed she was driving fast because she was scared, but then admitted that she was intoxicated. She also failed multiple field sobriety tests.

After arresting the drunk driver, he was choked up as he radioed back to the station to get help for the scared child.

“That makes my heart hurt,” Officer Lefave said. ‘This poor innocent child just embarked upon a wild ride and now her aunt was being arrested, leaving her all alone.”

Officer Realizes It Could Have Been So Much Worse

As emotional as he was about the girl, he was unprepared for what he found when he popped open the trunk of the car. His reaction shows us what a good, caring man he is. He found strollers in the car and he was immediately hit with how bad of a situation this could have been. The officer broke down in tears as you can see in the touching video below.

His reaction is so moving. This man puts his life on the line for the people of New Mexico every time he goes to work. Officer Lafave cares a great deal and wants to keep his community safe.

Source: Faith Tap

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