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More than 10 years after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the ex of Joran van der Sloot’s deceased best friend has told Dr. Phil, “Joran van der Sloot is the man who killed Natalee Holloway.”

Emily Heistand is the ex-girlfriend of John Ludwick, who in 2017 claimed to have helped van der Sloot “cremate” Holloway’s body. On Monday, Heistand told Dr. Phil that Ludwick also¬†confessed to her two or three months into their relationship that van der Sloot had killed Holloway.

‘He told me that Joran did do it, and hid the body,’ Heistand told Dr Phil in an interview that was aired Monday.

‘John told me that Joran got this Natalee girl all drunk at a bar and Joran took her to the beach and they were having a good time and she started seizuring and foaming at the mouth.’

She then added: ‘Joran called his dad and helped him dispose of the body.’

The confession led Heistand to end her relationship with Ludwick. Last month, Heistand stabbed Ludwick to death in self-defense after he allegedly tried to kidnap her.

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Heistand recounted her fatal encounter with Ludwick to Dr. Phil.

‘He was waiting at my house,’ said Heistand.

‘I just pulled into my house, took my keys out of the ignition, put them in my pocket and I was texting my boyfriend, “Have a good day at work. I love you.”‘

Then, out of nowhere, Ludwick made his move.

‘I think he jumped out at my car and ran at me. I saw him and immediately I knew, “oh god, that’s John,’ explained Heistand.

‘He got on top of me, I was screaming, he had a knife to my throat. He was shoving something into my mouth and I can’t talk and he was able to shove me into the passenger seat.’

She continued: ‘He got in and he has a knife to my throat with his left hand. And he goes to start the car and he realizes the keys aren’t in the ignition.’

Ludwick then demanded that Heistand give him the keys or he would slit her throat, at which point she decided to grab the knife and try and take control of the situation.

‘He’s not letting go, so I swung the knife back slowly at him a couple of times and I realize its me or him,’ said Heistand.

Ludwick confessed to helping burn Holloway’s body after an informant provided evidence that he had been paid by van der Sloot to dig up her remains. Unfortunately, no one else has come forward to corroborate Heistand’s claim that Ludwick identified van der Sloot as Holloway’s killer.

Van der Sloot remains behind bars in Peru for the 2010 murder of Stephany Flores. No trace of Holloway has ever been found, and her disappearance remains unsolved.

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