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Here’s Why Vince McMahon Believes in Baron Corbin

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Vince McMahon [2] is known to prefer certain wrestlers over others. Some wrestlers on the roster he favors often because he believes they will hit things big in the future.Recent reports appear to indicate that Vince McMahon’s favorite on the current WWE main roster is Baron Corbin [3]. Here is the story.

Biggest Non-Main Event Talent

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Vince believes that Corbin is the biggest non-main event talent at the moment. If indeed true, this could mean we have not seen the last of Corbin’s pushes. He could even be moved to Raw, especially if Vince has his heart set on giving him that push.

We all know Corbin had some major pushes already on the SmackDown Live [4] roster, which did not go well. However, I believe Corbin has much more in him than we have seen so far.A well-implemented plan for Corbin could do the trick.

Signs of Favoritism

There have been signs pointing to the fact that Vince McMahon [5] believes Baron Corbin could be huge. He’s had an Andre the Giant Battle Royal win, Money in the Bank briefcase win, a run with the WWE United States Championship and more. Mind you, they were unsuccessful pushes that appeared to be out of touch with reality, but the WWE seems not to have given up on the Lone Wolf.

The Greatest Royal Rumble

With the greatest Royal Rumble coming up, it could be another moment for the Lone Wolf to shine and for Vince to push his favorite. However, the Lone Wolf has some stiff competition, since the Greatest Royal Rumble will feature popular WWE superstars such as Braun Strowman [6] and Matt Hardy.

Out of all the WWE Superstars on the current roster, Braun Strowman is the wrestler who has received the biggest praise. His pushes may not have been on par, yet the wrestler has received nothing but positive reviews from the WWE Universe.

With many people deserving the title of a front-runner, and with Corbin in danger of disappearing in the background, the WWE must come up with some epic storytelling to get the Lone Wolf back on track.

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