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Every Surprise Return At Raw After WrestleMania 34

After a topsy-turvy WrestleMania 34, we arrive at the real craziest night of the year. The Raw after WrestleMania has become known for wild crowds, shocking surprises, and big time reveals and surprises. Considering the Raw after Mania is the “Season Premiere” of the WWE calendar, it only makes sense that we are introduced some new characters and some wrestlers make their returns.

Here are all the big time returns of veterans and those out with an injury who decided to show up at the April 9th Raw.

The first big return was Jeff Hardy. Not teaming with his BROKEN brother, The Charismatic Enigma is inserting himself into the Intercontinental Title hunt.

Hardy teamed up with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins later in the main event. The three roughed-up the Miztourage and each hit their finisher on Miz and his lackeys.

Former Impact champion and WWE star Bobby Lashley returned to WRECK with Elias!

The genetic freak stunned the crowd with a 20-second delayed vertical suplex with one arm! So glad Lashley is back in WWE, headband, elevated enzymes and all!

Not sure this counts as a “return” but Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn showed up. After being fired from SmackDown Live, the two attempted to get a job from Angle. Angle told them he had one spot they had to fight for, but the segment will forever be known for Kurt Angle dropping the most savage line in WWE history.


Owens and Zayn’s match ended in a double-count-out. For now, the fate of the two stars remains in the balance.

Samoa Joe returned to berate a beaten Roman Reigns, challenging the disgraced Big Dog to a match at Backlash in May.

Even though he returned last night [11], Bray also returned to Raw as the new tag partner of WOKEN Jeff Hardy. The two defeated Titus Worldwide and will face The Revival next week for a chance to challenge The BAR for the Raw Tag Titles in Saudi Arabia.

Oh, yea, Braun and Nicholas had to relinquish the tag belts because Nicholas has obligations…of being a fourth grader.

There was even a Hardy family reunion featuring Bray and BROTHER NERO!

What a fun episode of Raw. A good palate cleanse after WrestleMania’s bizarre finish!

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