Christian teen bullied

Publicly proclaiming your Christian faith can be a brave move. You might be seeking to inspire and encourage people on their path to Jesus, but it makes you an easy target for leftist atheists.

Emma Mae Jenkins has a YouTube channel where she shares her love for the Lord. Over 35,000 subscribers regularly watch her videos detailing her Christian life. Her positive spirit is contagious. And it’s that energy that made her a target of a cyberbully.

Cinnamon Toast Ken has well over 3 million Twitter users and almost 3 million YouTube subscribers. He gained a large following because of his gaming videos, but he’s used that platform to mock Emma Mae for her Christian beliefs.

Emma Mae posted a video about her morning routine. It included prayer, and celebrating, and devoting the day to God. Ken and his friends thought this made her the perfect subject to be taunted online.

He posted a video titled, “Crazy Girl Obsessed With Jesus” in which the 19-year-old is mocked mercilessly for her faith. Ken and his buddies mock Emma Mae’s religion as well as her looks in the painful 11-minute video.

“Not to hate on Emma, but the first thing she needs to ask Jesus for is some eyebrows,” Ken opined about the Christian teen in the video below as he sat next to his baby daughter.

How disgraceful. He spread his hatred and spiteful comments about Emma Mae to millions of people. This is cyberbullying, yet YouTube and Twitter have done nothing about it. Their concerns appear to be focused more on defining conservative speech as hate speech than actual cyberbullying.

It’s important not to let these bullies win. We must stand up for our faith even when we are being mocked. Kathie Lee Gifford recently discussed this when she said, “Jesus said if you are my followers you will be chastised; you will be persecuted; you’ll be hated, but call it all joy!”

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Source: Faith Wire

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