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Basketball Player Dies Two Days After Suddenly Collapsing During Game

A prospect for the Detroit Pistons died two days after collapsing during a G League basketball [1] game on Saturday. Fans looked on in horror as Zeke Upshaw lay on the court without explanation.

Nobody had witnessed him collide with another player, so it was shocking to see him laying on his stomach. Play continued for a moment before everyone realized that something was seriously wrong. Upshaw was a member of the Grand Rapids Drive, which is the Detroit Pistons’ G League team.

Upshaw scored 11 points in the Drive’s 101-99 win before collapsing with just seconds left before the end of the game. The 6’6″ swingman had stumbled after chasing an opponent down the court. When the referee noticed Upshaw was on the ground, the game was stopped and he was taken way in a stretcher. It is unknown if he ever regained consciousness.

Video of this terrifying scene is below.

After Upshaw passed away on Monday, the Drive tweeted a statement from his grieving mother that thanked the hospital and the Drive for caring for her son in the final hours in his life. Obviously, his family was shocked at his unexpected death. You never expect a healthy and athletic young man to collapse in this manner, but unfortunately, it happens.

Upshaw [6] previously recorded a video for the Drive introducing himself to fans, and his journey playing basketball [7]. Upshaw was hoping to be able to earn enough to take care of his family.

“One goal of mine is to be able to take care of my family. My family means the world to me. So if I can be able to take care of them through basketball, that’s what I look forward to doing,” he said in the tweeted video below.

The Detroit Pistons also had a moment of silence before Monday night’s game to honor Upshaw’s life. His family is left to grieve a life cut suddenly cut short while they wait for answers as to what happened.

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Source: Nets Daily [14]