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Steven Seagal Walked Into A Store For Champagne, Left With A Body Count!

Steven Seagal never backs down from a fight. The martial artist turned actor has shown off his fighting skills in countless movies over the past several decades.

After being the first foreigner to operate an aikido dojo in Japan, Seagal began acting in 1987. It didn’t take him long to make his mark. His first movie was Above The Law in 1988. By 1991, Seagal was a household name who had starred in four successful movies in just three years.

1990’s Hard To Kill [1] is still a good high action Seagal movie to enjoy. He plays Mason Storm, a detective who falls into a coma after being shot by corrupt cops who killed his wife. After seven years, he wakes up and is immediately faced with battling the same people who tried to kill him before.

The chain of events begins when Seagal [2] goes to a convenience store to get champagne. He has a friendly conversation with the owner until some creeps come barreling into the store. They rob the store. When the owner brings out a baseball bat to try to fight back, he is shot dead by the armed men.

The firearm is then turned on Seagal who doesn’t back away. Instead, he fights the four armed robbers [3] alone. One by one, Seagal takes them down. Finally, he is left with one man who pulls out a knife and promises to cut Seagal’s heart out. That obviously wasn’t happening, even though Seagal tried to level the playing field for him.

Seagal’s martial arts skills are not just great entertainment but can be used in real-world situations. Seagal was never afraid to defend himself and his confident demeanor was clear everywhere he went.

Kids today could take a lesson from Seagal, and learn the importance of being confident and knowing self-defense, especially when faced with a life or death situation, such as an active school shooting.

Children need to be able to stand up for themselves and not be forced to rely on others for protection, a message that Seagal’s movies illustrate perfectly.

Seagal was never a sitting duck, and while he was an advanced fighter, we can all take the overall lessons behind his actions and apply them to our everyday lives.

You can watch this classic movie clip below.

A lot of years have passed since that movie was filmed. Seagal has continued his martial arts training to this day. He recently was in the All Russian Sambo Tournament while in that country. Click here [4] to see him compete.

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