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Sometimes, everyday people step up and become unexpected heroes in times of crisis. That’s what happened when a teen pizza delivery driver found a customer in need of CPR.

On what was just his second day on the job, Anson Lemmer was being hailed as a hero. “I called my parents and said this has been the craziest pizza delivery ever. I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man,” he said.

On his last order of the night, the 19-year-old came upon a man who began having a medical emergency after he ordered his pizza. Outside of the house where Lemmer was delivering, the unresponsive man was quickly turning blue.

The man’s friend had dialed called 911. It was just a waiting game until the ambulance got there. But the pizza arrived first.

“One of his friends was on the phone calling 911, and the other was attempting CPR, but right away he asked me if I knew how to do CPR at all,” Lemmer said.

Luckily, the teen had learned CPR a year earlier. He quickly jumped at the chance to assist and began compressions on the man in need. EMTs arrived at the scene and took over and the man began breathing.

This is not the typical routine when delivering a pizza, but Anson Lemmer was at the right place at the right time. The man was taken to the hospital and ultimately, they didn’t eat the pizza. What did result from the order, however, was priceless.

“They all shook my hand and tipped me pretty well, and I got to take home a pizza so that was all right,” the teen hero said.

Video about this crazy pizza delivery is below.

I love that they gave him a big tip and that he was happy to take the pizza home himself. It pays to take CPR courses. You never know when you might need them!

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Source: Free Beacon

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